Lantern Ring Homeworld Designations?

So this occurred to me during the Blackest Night story arc and it’s kind of been bugging me since. When all of the Justice League members received lantern rings and the folks who had been dead before all became white lanterns, Superman’s ring said he was “of krypton”. Which is cool, they apparently solely go off of biology and not which planet the individual considers their homeworld, but then Superboy’s said “of Earth”.

So how does that work? With hybrids I mean. Conner Kent is equal parts human and kryptonian, obviously the writer just chose, but let’s think it through some more. In a universe so connected by space travel, there has to be tons of lesser known, non-super hybrids out there roaming the DC skies.

What happens when another one of them is capable of overcoming fear, or inspiring hope, or capable of great rage, etc.? What does the ring say? “So and so of…” which world? Both? The favored one? If that’s the case and psychological favoritism comes into play, do you think Superman receiving a ring should say “of Earth” and which name? Kal-El or Clark Kent?

At first I was for it saying favored name and both worlds and then I realized some folks might have many worlds in their history and it might not have time to give a full report before enlisting it’s new member. So maybe the most dominant 2?

What do you all think?