[Lantern Corps] The First Ring- Week 2 [11/01 - 11/08]

Greetings @LanternCorps!

We’re reading through Green Lanterns: The First Ring, doing 2 issues a week. Please avoid spoiling anything from issues beyond this week. If you missed last week, you can check it out here

This week’s issues are:

Feel free to use any, all, or none of the questions below as discussion starters.

  1. Did you have a favorite issue?
  2. Was anything surprising to see?
  3. What do you think of Volthoom?

As much as I enjoyed the ceremony in 24, issue 25 is definitely the winner.

J-cruz standing up to Volthoom and taking control over her ring was pretty epic. I’ve read these issues, but the random cat guard that recognized Jessica and Simon is great.

There’s definitely a backstory that happened before this arc, but he’s setting up to be quite the opponent. Taking control of a guardian. Exploding Simon’s ring. Tricking the rest of the guardians. All impressive feats.