[Lantern Corps] Brightest Day - Week 22 [4/05 - 4/12]

Greetings @LanternCorps!

We’re reading through Brightest Day. The plan is to read 3 or 4 issues a week. Please avoid spoiling anything from issues beyond this week. If you missed last week, you can check it out here

The issues for this week are:

Feel free to use any, all, or none of the questions below as discussion starters.

  1. Did you have a favorite issue this week?
  2. Was anything surprising to see?
  3. What are your thoughts on the Family Reunions story?

Oh, I don’t know. They were all good. I’ll have to go with #29 though. seeing Dick as Batman is always fun. Him trying to talk to Roy was sad.

I didn’t realize Allegra Garcia was actually in the comics. I knew she is in the last couple seasons of Flash but I just didn’t realize she was based on someone. I guess I should have known that. But that surprised me the most. she seems not nearly as nice in the comics as she is on Flash, though.

I almost always like a Titans story. Even if it is Slade’s Titans. I like Osiris as a character but I really hope he stops killing people. But it is a cool arc!

I enjoyed #30. The various Arkham battles were exciting. Plus the interactions between the titans and Batman.

While I’m completely unfamiliar with the characters, Cinder melting Nursery Crymes mask was strange. Seems like she knew the ability to talk would make her more dangerous, so why do that?

Osiris is another one in unfamiliar with, but I wasn’t expecting most of his reactions. Especially true of him and Killer Croc.

I like it. I’m assuming Allegra is loosely related to the one in the Flash show.

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