Languages in Young Justice

Throughout the Young Justice series we meet various aliens that communicate with their own language. How extensive do the writer of Young Justice go for creating the new languages?

Because of this new season and the app providing a place to discuss, maybe it is something we can piece together, or get told the secret and learn to speak it ourselves (like Klingon).

(minimal information to intro of episode 4 of YJ:Outsiders given)

This episode opens with some aliens (referred to as bugs) speaking with a new god about stuff (contents of which I dont think is important to this thread) in a different language. I noticed they use the same sounds for words that are repeated, so there is some structure to the language (that is they have words and we have words for those words/meanings). Also, you can follow their words with the subtitles, meaning the sentence structures aren’t changed (like they would from english to Spanish).

My guess is ever letter is replaced with a new letter/sound(s) and the voice actors sound out what is given, with instruction to some flair that makes the language sound otherworldly.

*note: my conclusions have very small sample size, if people join in the conversation, I will help in figuring this out more than the initial thoughts on the subject presented here

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Proper nouns are unchanged in this language.

Alot of the time its the sound designers not the writers who do that. Writers will just put in the dialog and the sound designer will mash a bunch of tones together to make something that sounds convincingly foreign. Its how they did the languages in Star Wars for example.

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That makes sense. I figured they wouldnt have the same sounds for specific words if it was doing that, I guess it wouldn’t be too hard to make that happen either way

Do you kmow how it was doome on Star Trek?

I think Star Trek started like that and probably continues for alot of the languages. Klingon though I’m pretty sure was built by fans off the bare bones for the show and embraced into canon for Star Trek VI.

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It was the insect side of New Genesis, Bugs to be exact. I know I read an article a long time ago about Asami Koizumi & creators said she wasn’t speaking Japanese. It was a mix of Spanish & a few other languages. I was thinking same as u tho if it could be deciphered or if it’s another example of the aforementioned.