Landing Page Issue - Sales and New Subscribers

Just providing some feedback for the future. I think the page you land on when you aren’t logged in is costing potential subscriptions.

I visited multiple times on and around Black Friday to see if there were any sales. Nothing on the main DCUI website page ever said there was a sale. If it was there, it was buried well beneath “new comics this week!” that I couldn’t open anyways, as I am not a current member. Then, a week after it’s ended, I see there was a sale: Join DC Universe Infinite

I’m not exactly tech illiterate, I work in machine learning. But I somehow never saw a sale I was interested in, despite specifically searching for it and being on email lists. So I am assuming this was just pushed on socials, and not on the main landing page. Which never got to me, and now I still don’t have a membership. Seems like the opposite of what you want a Black Friday sale to accomplish.


Hi @PerfecSean, and welcome back! Thank you for sharing your experience! I’ve gotten your feedback to the team for review.