Lack of wanted movies

They really have batman ninja but can’t give us the killing joke or batman hush… not even justice league dark. I love this streaming service and all but they’re lacking a bit here.

Batman: Hush will be coming here in just a few short days. As for the other movies, DCU’s film library changes on a monthly basis. Keep your eyes on the Watchtower for updates.


Hush should’ve been on here before its digital release and definitely before being on dvd

The dvd was orginally supposed to be released on August 13th but at the last minute WB decided to push batman hush dvd release to the 6th and by that time it was to late because the DCU team had batman hush release date ready for the 13th it was a miscommunication between the two teams but hell id still wait for batman hush without complaining


@the_celtic_frog.18303 no streaming service releases things on their service before a digital release. You think Disney+ and HBO MAX are going to be doing that?