Kyle Rayner

im not trying to over harp about it but there’s a weird space in the green lantern its like you guys forgot about kyle rayner being a gl its one of the stories i wanna read really bad and i was hoping its getting added


Yeah I want to re read that stuff myself


Don’t you fret, pretty much all of Kyle’s GL issues are coming to DCU this week.

In the meantime, you can read up on his time with the League in JLA (1997-).


Kyle has always been my favorite GL. Hal and John were never relatable to me. They act like my parents. Kyle is way more nuanced.

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I actually relate to Hal pretty well.

Well now that Wally West is taking the top spot in the Flash book again, maybe it’s just a matter of time before Kyle gets another push as the leading GL. (Dear God please let that be the case!) It also helps that Connor Hawke has returned to mainstream continuity (albeit in a somewhat brainwashed state.)

Kyle Rayner is my favourite hero, and along with Connor Hawke (and later Oliver Queen) the one that got me into DC Comics. I just don’t think anyone knew what to do with him after Hal and the GLC came back, since his whole thing was being the Last Lantern. Ion, New Guardians, and Omega Men all tried, but I really think the best thing would be to make him an Earth-based GL who operates away from the GLC. Leave the galactic threats to Hal, John, and the rest of the human Lanterns and let Kyle be Kyle.

Doubtful, DC has shown time and time that they are interested in pushing every single other human lantern more than him. His best bet is to be put on a team that has a popular run. Just maybe this could get him his own push.

There are a lot of weird gaps in a lot of runs. Not everything is digitized, yet. The most inexplicable is that the entire Silver Age Aquaman series is here except for the 1st Issue.