Kyle Rayner Thread

Kyle is my favorite Green Lantern! I love what stories I’ve read with him. I jumped on his solo series a bit late so I missed the fridge bit. Circle of Fire is one of my all time favorite DC stories! The twists, the art, and the plot were all amazing.

I like Kyle because, out of all the GLs, he’s the one who didn’t get the ring on any kind of merit. It’s interesting and it’s great that he still became a hero.


Don’t get so heated about it, that was a Major moment that Forced Kyle to cool his head.


While I was reading this, I just love it when Kyle makes a reference to The Incredible Hulk!:laughing:
Well back to reading!


Kyle is my favorite GL.

When I was getting back into comics, I picked up Issue #70 and never really looked back until they relaunched the series.

Tracking down the previous 20 issues was my first really big back issue hunt.


Darkstar Donna Troy, there’s a blast from the past. I really liked those guys.


You know when reading Titans (2016) I totally forgot, that for a time, Kyle Rayner and Donna Troy were on a team together in the rebirth era.

It was amusing seeing this former couple now retconned on a team together. Who knows if it would have went somewhere, but I’m honestly glad we avoided that, so we can focus on Donna being a leader on the team while Kyle was just the dumb but loveable guy on the team.


They were a team in his early years with a bit of romance togather as well.:grinning:


Okay now I’m toward the middle of Green Lantern #70. You know, the one where Kyle Rayner more or less becomes friends with John Stewart here and the breakup of Kyle and Donna Troy.

Now don’t get me wrong. Kyle in this issue was a big dumb***. Even if he was a artist, he probably should have told Donna he was nude painting beforehand, avoiding any awkwardnes. Especially paint someone other then Allison to work on. That was so dumb.

It’s a pretty intense break for both of them which I’m mostly on Donna’s side calling out Kyle. Page 11 even does a amazing and hilarious job to show what’s Kyle about to lose here with a beut like Donna.

No man would dare. :laughing:

However I’m gonna say this was probably the issue that may be somewhat sympathetic to Kyle. Donna continues following up her points on always propping Kyle up and not feeling like his girlfriend. But when she compares herself to being like Alex DeWitt that’s probably where I’m thinking " Oh Donna, why you say that? :grimacing: "

Because mentioning Alex might be bad, but implying that Alex was only capable of handling Kyle’s immaturity because they weren’t even that of a good relationship. Yikes. Yikes all around.

I’m not mad when he storms off, but he doesn’t make me like him by mentioning her divorce. Kyle’s such a jerk.

Really the saving grace of the issue was Kyle rayner and John Stewart. You really do get a good scene with just them talking by this campfire, recalling the days of John’s days with Green Lanterns and really it’s the heart of a issue from a ugly breakup to one with a profound heart to heart between two new friends about what it means to be a hero.


I’m currently reading the 90s Superboy, Green Lantern and Robin series. We had so Green Lantern/Superboy and Green Lantern/Green Arrow, so I know it wouldn’t be long for Tim Drake Robin and Kyle Rayner Green Lantern to meet up.

Green Lantern (1990-2004) #71

Not really team-up because Batman disses Kyle, but Robin does have some good advice for Kyle about working with Batman and try to help Kyle understand his purpose on being a superhero. Still does that Batman thing on vanishing mid-conversation. It’s fine, Kyle gets back at Batman by doing this to the Batman signal. :laughing:


Love Kyle he’s def in my Top 5 for all Lanterns & my top 3 for GL


This story seems mad dope


Green Lantern #113 has a pretty great subtle homage to this classic Spider-Man panel

As well as a not so subtle reference in the same issue. :laughing:


I’m gonna talk a little bit about Jade in the future, so might as well mention the issue where Kyle and her met and the issue where Kyle and Jade became a couple.

Straight out of a sitcom, when Kyle meets Jade it was at his own apartment and accidentally sees her in his shower.

Don’t get me wrong, Kyle deserves a good smack in the face once in the while, but he really didn’t deserve it here. It’s his apartment! Well Jenny has a excuse, albeit a poor one. Jade looking for a apartment in New York and after discovering the green Lantern was need of a roommate, she went to meet him. Kyle leaves his home unlocked apparently or she broke in (read it again, she broke in) Jade decided to take a shower and relax. A awkwardly worded conversation later, Jade and Kyle are roommates and the rest of issue #86 is a series of misunderstandings. It’s cute but dumb which perfectly describes both Kyle and Jade in a certain context.

Later issues see the bumbling friendship with Kyle and Jade especially as Donna later ghosted Kyle. Both he and Jade got to becoming better friends even as Kyle remarks in issue 96 how he founds her attractive.

Anyway this relationship culminated in issue 103 where Jade and Kyle kiss.

It was sudden, but not exactly unexpected. Despite the silly context in both issues. I really do like seeing Kyle Rayner and Jade together. Jade is one of my favorites of Kyle’s love interest because They’re are just cute together even when they just were friends.

By the way, Jade’s outfit in the Halloween issue was a awesome choice.


I was ecstatic to know in the emotional rollercoaster of #118. My Freakin favorite witch of all time comes out of nowhere and starts a fight.

I love Enchantress. She’s a tough and no-nonsense lady whose unapologetically the biggest jerk in the DC universe. I love her. :laughing: :green_heart::green_heart:


Young heroes who were new legacies and successors to mantles with big names to live up to. Despite their immaturity and dysfunction in their love life, both heroes are quick on their feet and charmers to all women they meet.

Wish they did more with Kyle Rayner Green Lantern and Conner Kent Superboy.



would love a teamup book


Going through The Titans (1999) and came across a scene of a bystander criticizing Kyle’s approach to handling a bad guy




Right now, I’m working through books relating to Shade BUT after I get through that…I’m jumping on the (mostly) 90s Green Lantern book. The one that starts with Emerald Twilight and focuses on Kyle Rayner

Side note - what do y’all think of the 12 issue book Ion? I read it a while ago but remember enjoying it