Anyone know when Krypton is coming to this app?


I am not positive on this specifically, but I will surely submit your request to the team!


I thought they said the spring some time, although that is not real specific.

might be a nice window in June after Doom Patrol finishes and before Young Justice resumes …

that would give blu-ray sales of Krypton (March 5!) time to peak before it streams free here

Krypton Season 1 releases on Blu Ray on March 26th. I thought I remember reading it would be on the App by this month, but maybe they pushed it back because of Doom Patrol? I haven’t watched Krypton yet. One of my friends binged it yesterday and said it was pretty awesome. I figured I should go ahead and start watching, since they’re going to include Lobo next season.


The Blu Ray Of season 1 will be out March 5th in the US. I’m getting a copy :+1::+1::+1:

I bought the Amazon season pass last year, it’s a great show.

Maybe when it releases on Blu-ray.

June? Not many customers buy DVD/Blu ray nowadays so streaming is getting popular. It don’t make sense to be released on June.

I recall about article said that Krypton come in Feb, but it can be delayed.

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If it has been delayed hope that is not a bad sign of anything.

No time soon probably. People forget this app is just a holdover for the WB streaming service.

They have said multiple time it will be out in the spring, they even did a press release on it. I guess it’s possible that changed, but even as recently as a week or so ago the mods said in the spring.

Krypton Season 2 just wrapped filming, so add a couple of months for special effects and we’re looking at late May or June for Krypton to return. Krypton Season 1 will probably be added to the App about a month ahead of the season 2 release, so I’m guessing it’ll drop here in late April.