KRYPTON should use MAN OF STEEL music

I really like SYFY’s Krypton…It took a while to get use to LOBO (he talks just like Matt Ryan) but he’s cool, and I’ve noticed the music comes pretty close to sounding like the music (Zod and Krypton) from MAN OF STEEL. So…why not just use the music themes from MOS and used them on “KRYPTON”.

Knowing Krypton is made with a “budget”, it would all depend on the licensing costs and all that. But if it could be done and fit the budget, I think they should.

It’s not really connected to Man of Steel at all, so I don’t think they should do that. I’m happy with them doing their own thing.


Using existing music requires liscensing and increased cost.

Birds of Prey could not come out for years on DVD because of the music used. The rights had to be rethought.