Krypton - Season One (spoiler free)

I’m working my way through season one of ‘Krypton’ and I have to say - I’m loving it. This has been a very pleasant surprise and the complexity of the characters, the interweaving of the storylines and the connection to the DC universe we all love has been very satisfying.

I appreciate that this is made for adults. There are obscenities, there is nudity, there is a lot of violence, there are complex themes of love, politics and religion. I said this would be spoiler free so I’ll just say the villains so far are very enjoyable, loathsome and satisfying as a DC fan. I find it rewarding to be able to binge the show as opposed to waiting a week in between episodes and it makes this feel like a very long movie as opposed to a series.

I’m not done watching it yet and I don’t even know how many episodes I have left in season one - I’m enjoying watching this not knowing where it’ll go or how long it’ll last. If you haven’t watched this yet I hope you’ll give it a chance before it leaves DC Universe and if you have already seen it I hope you enjoyed it as much as I am.


Spoiler free- I loved everything about it and would trade the Snyder Cut for a 3rd season of Krypton in a heartbeat. I never thought any version of Brainiac would ever top the Animated Series version for me, but this one did.