Krypton Season 2

Were you upset by the the show essentially ignoring Seg and Nyssa’s romantic connection we started to see at the end of Season 1?

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I’m upset that no One question when general sod was conceived at the beginning of season two with seg suppose to be stuck in the phantom zone. And Jor-El was already been my made.

I’m not done watching the second session yet but that seems like the easiest way to stop Zod. Just never get pregnant with him

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I finished Season 2 and this did seem inconsistent. If Dru-Zod is the son of Lyta and Seg, if something happened to one of them, shouldn’t something happen to Zod?.

But, the show answered that later.

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I must have missed it, why can’t they just not have baby zod? I finished second session

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Spoiler for Season 2: Since the show is about Kal-El’s Grandfather, nothing was going to happen to Seg. As for Lyta, when she “died”, that was her clone. The timeline did not change when she was under the Black Mercy. The only inconsistency is if Zod is now under the Black Mercy and Seg is free, why didn’t Superman’s cape return?

Edit: No inconsistency- when Brainiac took Jor-El, that kept the cape from returning.

Thank you, still a good show, I guess it would be hard to write since kal-el story has been told before

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I haven’t started s2 yet, but I thought they had a more interesting relationship than Seg and Lyta, so that is disappointing news. However, if Seg and Nyssa still develop a strong friendship, then that could still work for me.

I don’t feel like it was entirely ignored in season 2… nyssa seemed to show it in her interactions with Seg and disappointment when Lyta wasn’t dead. I really love the show. The problem I have is I binge watched the first season in under a week and did the same with season 2. By the time I got to see season 2 I forgot all about season 1 since I’d only spent less than a week with it. Watching season 2 I remembered more of wherr I left off. Yeah, the cape wasn’t shown…they really should do a season 3…there’s so much story left and so many cool things they could do on earth.

You may want to edit your post to include spoilers.

Except it should’ve been shown with Seg as well and it wasn’t, like it never existed.

Earth, right, have you read what the showrunner had planned for Jor-El and Braniac?