Krypton Season 2!

Finally, I get to finish this Show! I know there won’t be a season 3, but the weirdness of this show is just great.


Agreed. I rarely got to watch Season 2 episodes due to schedule conflicts and general busy-ness. I’ll have to go back and watch Season 1 again to refresh my memory, but it’s good to finally see what I missed.

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:scream:NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…I was hoping for a Doomsday vs solar power suit Seg-El or a Doomsday Vs Lobo fight. I actually could not wait and wound up buying season 2 of Krypton. man I loved this show cause we did not have super-powered Kryptoninins…then again I hated that Doomsday was a Kryptonian as Hunter/pray clearly established that doomsday was not of Krypton.

Am I the only one who wanted someone to punch Jax in the face when she killed Lyta? And especially when she smiled when Van-el detonated the bomb?

I am SO GLAD DC Universe brought this Krypton series back! SyFy really pissed me off when they cancelled it before!

Hunter/Prey established that the scientists wasn’t from Krypton. But it never states were the baby in the experiment is from. It could have been an ancient Kryptonian. But more likely the death of the baby over and over again seeded ancient Krypton with the genetic material that would make the Kryptonians.

Jax-Ur in the comic was a mad scientist and villain. Imprision in the phantom zone. Maybe that is were they were trying to take her?

To bad we won’t get a season 3 as I felt the show was getting wild and could have gone anywhere

I finished season 2 two weeks ago. Talk about perfect timing.

It didn’t seem that way to me

It should’ve been actual Lyta, the fact that they chickened out and did the cliche clone route made me lose respect for the show a little bit.

Cannot believe I slept on this show until now! I’m up to the final episode of season 2 and I know it is going to frustrate me to no end when it’s over considering it got cancelled. :confounded:

Swamp Thing, Krypton, a complete DC Universe . . . why can’t we ever have nice things WB!?

I remember hearing it was cancelled before the final episodes of season 2, and just hoping DCU would pick it up for a season 3.
But it wasn’t to be.

Finished watching last night . . . that was the largest multi-layered cliffhanger I’ve ever seen a studio leave unresolved for people to anguish over.

What makes it worse is the little script the showrunner put out teasing where the next season would go with Braniac.

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