Krypton Season 2 Ongoing Spoiler thread!!

DCU changed my perspective on Krypton as I actually felt the desire to start the second half. What compelled me the most was the changing scope as the world and characters get more exciting. The serialized nature gives it a comic book feel. Episodes pick up where they left off and end with a cliffhanger. The episodes aren’t a closed story but part of a big arc. With new characters like Lobo and little things like Seg meeting a tree for the first time (Actual scene) the series manages to add new awesome threads and turn threads which could easily be a whole episode into part of a larger narrative.

Without further ado, as you want new episodes of Krypton add your thoughts!

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Episode 2: I loved every moment in the forest. The interactions between Lobo, Seg, and Adam were a delight to watch!

Absolutly! I especially liked the return of Jayna. It does bring up more questions then answers! But on Episode 2 that;s not a bad thing!

How did I forget Jayna?! I loved her so much in episode 2. That part with the footstep reveal really got me! What a TWIST!

I feel like Grandma Zod is gonna be a serious force for good this season and I’m all in for it.

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Man, I hope Lobo is a prominent character throughout the season! He’s the Main Man, after all!

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@GeekVerse either way a Lobo Spin-off is in development!!

New episode today!! What do you guys want to see tonight?

I want an update on where Kev is.

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In theory Krypton shouldn’t have worked. It’s a show that takes place YEARS before Superman and it’s about a planet and people who will, one day, all share a terrible fate when the planet explodes. And yet, this show is amazing! They made me care about these people. And how good is Brainiac?!

And with last night’s episode, it’s nice to see Jayna show she has a heart.

Lobo and Brainiac are absolutely amazing. Two of the best portrayals in the history of DC.


I loved the moment where Brainiac discovers fear. If that’s the end of him, (Would make me sad…) That’s not a bad ending.