Krypton on SyFy

I love this show! The guy that plays General Zod deserves to be kneeled before…he is awesome!


Good show indeed.

he is awesome, been a fan since his role as Walter Steele on Arrow

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I have yet to see it, I wonder when it premieres?

It looks like the last half of the season is up on the SyFy app, but not the first half?

I know I’ve seen some announcements from DCU that say it is coming to this platform in 2019. I hope that happens fairly soon.

I love this show! I’m a big fan of the Kryptonian mythology in the comics. It’s neat to finally see many of the things in the comics come into live action.

I saw on TV Shows On DVD that the show’s first season will be released on March 5, 2019. So I bet it will be make it’s way onto DC Universe on the release date or sooner. I just would like to get a trailer for season 2. We are suppose to get Lobo next season.

It premieres sometime in February, looking forward to it

It’s one of my favorites. Love the time travel aspect which brought Adam strange into the fold & Brainiac is awesome looks just like Alex Ross’s version.

I could barely make myself watch it. I have the first season saved on my YouTube TV DVR (which thank heavens has unlimited storage). Why do all the characters have British accents? Is this tied to the Multiverse? The Man of Steel/DC Extended Universe? I thought that Krypton was ruled by the Council? The acting is terrible.