Krypton!!! Great show!!

Digging Krypton’s use of the Superman mythos ; Doomsday plot is getting good (and I can’t tell if it’s a man in a suit or CGI: but I like it). The use of Black Mercy (which I won’t spoil totally here). Next to the now defunct Swamp Thing (bad decision DC!!) this is the best DC show running!


No love for this great show…??? incredible!


Got the love here. This show is great. First half of season 1 is a little uneven to me, but the second half really picked up and finished with a bang. Season 2 starts fantastic and actually builds from there. I’ve got lots more thoughts, search Krypton on community and see my Krypton Forgive me thread, spent way to much time on my really digging this show.

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I love it, it’s bery underrated in my opinion.