Krypton Episode 4 Review: "Word of Rao"

“Word of Rao” is the episode I’ve been waiting for. I have so few complaints about this episode if any. A last second cliffhanger was completely unexpected and super exciting. I rarely drop my jaw but this time, it hit the floor. Krypton continues to have the best serialization of any story I’ve ever watched and I continue to be impressed with the lack of true action and yet the presence of such intense sequences.

Heavy Spoilers of Episode 4 below and full spoilers of 1-3 below.

With a story that centered around Ona and Rhom, two side characters, the story seemed like it would struggle. What I didn’t expect is for Rhom and Ona to be such good driving forces for the continued serialization. Rhom’s death leads to Ona’s journey in this episode which led to the cliffhanger in a very nice fashion. Ona’s journey really gave Kem a chance to shine with his development as a father figure further continuing. Not only did Kem grow as a character in relationships, but also we learned more about his past. It’s hard not to like Mama Zed (Shobu Kapoor) who’s warmth and humor create a sense of connection between Kem and Zed and Ona that I hope continues (But probably won’t). Kem isn’t comfortable with being the father figure though as is evidence by the Lunar Cycle ceremony where Kem was completely uncomfortable with religion.

The Eminence (Blake Ritson) finally got a chance to shine with his political games bolting into action. He not only began healing the unrest among the rankless but also turned a Zod into a traitor and forced the Vex’s and Zod’s into an uncomfortable position which is splitting them apart. I worry a little that the Eminence will become less of a role as a leader and more a monster serving Brainiac, but I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt.

Jayna-Zod and Nyssa and Daron-Vex had quite the turn of events with a shift in focus to revealing a plan to overthrow The Eminence. Jayna being forced to consider that her daughter is the first traitor of the Zod family is hard to watch as you can see the inner conflict she faces. She doesn’t know who to be angry at or what to do and I’m continually impressed by Ann Ogbomo’s ability to play the hardened but emotional figure.

Last but not least, Seg got captured by an organization which uses Black Zero as a pawn and I didn’t like this plot if we are being honest. Everyone seems too harsh. That being said it’s nice to watch the conspiracy’s get deeper and deeper. I didn’t hate the plot though, and hope it gets better.

Overall Krypton’s serialization is fantastic. The story continues to move forward at a rapid pace without losing sight of who its characters are or failing to develop the characters. I continue to worry that the series will slow down but at the moment I continue to be impressed.