Krypton Episode 3 "The Rankless Initiative" Review

“The Rankless Initiative” Review Down below.

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In Episode 3, classism comes fully into view as we watch the Military and the rankless come to odds. This episode was great in that it one advanced Lyta-Zod’s growth, while continuing to push brainiac’s plot forward. That’s one thing I appreciate about Krypton so far is the plan has yet to take a back seat. We shall see if it stays that way.

Light Spoilers for Episode 3 and full spoilers for Episode 1-2 below

For the first time, the plot lowered its focus on a couple of the characters to focus a little more on a couple characters

The Seg-el/ Kem / Rhom/ Ona plot (Brainiac plot) was fantastic. Watching Rhom accept she was a scavenger now and then watching all fall apart really gave a lot of sympathy toward her even as she was the mother of a child terrified and worried. Kem was very much the kind father figure Ona needed to move on in her life and I’m so impressed by Tipper Seifert-Cleveland’s acting at such a young age. Seg was a little less the focus instead being the focus of the Lyta plot, but did have a nice moment with Rhom at the end.
The Lyta plot was incredible and everything I could want in a series. The emphasis on th elitism of Kryptonian society had strong parallels to today. On top of that Lyta’s desire to be better than her upbringing was well played out even as she was forced to follow orders. Following her duel, you can see that Lyta has become stronger and more confident than she used to be and her subtle shifts in physical movement have only added to that. I’m also impressed with the Seg-Lyta plot, which didn’t really convince me at first. Seg is using Lyta to continue his goals of saving Krypton all while Lyta is being forced to trust Seg in the dark. Lyta’s actions with Seg did feel a little bling though and without any reasoning other than trust me results in her doing what Seg wants? Otherwise that plot moved forward nicely. It will be interesting watching Lyta face resistance for her actions in the episode.

Overall, the editing was much better! The editors did a fantastic job making the two plots feel like their happening at the same time, even referring to each other to keep the story felling like one cohesive episode. Krypton’s pacing is also fantastic! The serialized nature really keeps it apart. Remember its serialized weekly episodes!

8.6/10 Great Lyta plot but some weird relationships keep it from being perfect.

What do you think? Did you think it was better than I said it was.