Krypton coming to DC Universe!!!!!!

Krypton is coming to DC Universe in 2019​:grin::grin:. Will the 1st season be put on the service as well??? I need details!!!


Nice! Season 1 was surprisingly great.


I’ve always wanted to watch but never was able to. I heard it’s the same premise as Gotham, but does it so much better.

Awesome. Have only seen the first few episodes

Hopefully so

Wait, so s2 will be shown on here as it airs or after it finishes or it’s just s1 or what?

@TX85. I dont know how official this is but according to cbr, the 1st season will be released on DCU in 2019. It looks like it might be that after the season finishes airing on syfy it will be put up on the DCU service around the time the next season begins.

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Not sure if its coming to DC Universe but just know season 2 is coming to the Syfy Channel in 2019. DC Universe should have everything DC Comics here

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My post is completely different

Check DC Universe Twitter feed today. Krypton is coming to the service in 2019 but that’s pretty much all that was tweeted with no details. Only other news I could find was a short cbr article.