Krypton coming to dc universe in 2019

This is big news for DC universe to get this series in 2019



I know others have posted this I’m just excited to see DC universe getting a show that’s current

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Yea that was big news.

I was lucky enough to record all of season one on my DVR, got 2 episodes in and lost interest. It’s still on my DVR just chilling :grimacing:

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So excited, hopefully Gotham comes here


Yeah same

Gotham may take awhile

Once it’s finished it will come

Oh for real? That’s awesome! Smart move on their part.

Love this news. Never saw the season finale so that is a plus, but aside from that having a new ongoing series streaming past episodes on DCU is great for the service, and this is a great service despite some flaws (most of which are probably growing pains) and I want it to succeed.

Got five episode into Krypton and lost interest with all the darkness and violence.