Knightwatchers Club - Secondary Market Opens!

The secondary market for the Bat Cowl NFTs, along with the DC FanDome 2021 NFTs, The Batman AMC Poster NFTs and now the Knightwatch District NFTs opens tonight at 3am ET/12am PT! Go to for more information or to take part!

Will you be buying?
Will you be selling?
What prices are you expecting for Bat Cowls?
What prices are you expecting for DC FanDome 2021 Discs?
What prices are you expecting for The Batman AMC movie poster NFTs?
Do you think anyone is going to be selling their Knightwatch District NFT?

Talk about it all here! Should be a fun 24 hours in the Knightwatch!


Anyone buy anything? Anyone sell anything? What did you think of the prices?

I got a pair of rare FanDome NFT discs to add to my collection which gives me a total of four. Hope the utility for these is strong and makes me glad I got them when I could!

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