Knightwatchers Club - Batman: The Legacy Cowl Vote #18 (Batman's Fight Move)

We’ve reached the penultimate vote for ‘Batman: The Legacy Cowl’ and it comes with a surprise look at some of our past votes in action! This time we will be deciding what Batman’s Fight Move will be and to get an idea of what kind of fight we’re talking about they’ve given us a panel from a fight in the upcoming comic that features the villain we picked, the sidekick we picked, the sidekick’s costume that we picked and the costume for Batman that we picked! So let’s get to the options!

Screenshot 08-30-2022 12.13.36

Option #1 - Kick

For this one I’m going to refer to martial arts and hand-to-hand combat expert, and fellow Bat Cowl holder, Isshogai for analysis and breakdown:

Kicking is a bad idea. Particularly anything above the knee as demonstrated here. This is because the kick is easily telegraphed, and can be avoided by simply leaning the head back. It takes the most time, the foot to the head is the longest distance. Limits movement, you are anchored by the supporting foot. Sacrifices balance - and Brainiac has tendrils, that could quickly sweep - so this is tactically not a great idea.

Option #2 - Punch

Once again, let’s hear what Isshogai has to say:

Punching. This is solid. Firstly, fast and direct. Doesn’t sacrifice balance, and allows for full body movement to cover numerous distance points. Harder to avoid and dodge. Combined with electrically charged knuckle reinforcement and that will take a computer down quickly. Can be enhanced with batarangs, tasers shots etc. Can easily maintain balance and sure footing.

Option #3 - Hand Chop

One more time, here’s Isshogai:

Not a great weapon. And limits options. Like the punch good for balance, distance, and speed. But limited in scope. The chop by definition can only come from downwards so you have three primary angles, straight down, 45 degrees left, and right. It also has limited targets, mostly used for strikes to the neck, collarbones, elbow joints, etc. And then, why do that when you could break them by simply moving the striking area up to the ulna?

So there are the options, and I should mention that all art was done by Pablo Collar, the artist for ‘Batman: The Legacy Cowl’. I liked the punch from the beginning because to me this scene looks like Brainiac is bored fighting the dynamic duo and I think Batman’s rage might get the best of him. Seeing Brainiac in Gotham, knowing he has the Legacy Cowl, seeing Nightwing in peril - I think Batman might get to a point of frustration and anger where nothing but a strong punch to the face will suffice.

I’m voting punch but what do you think? Which option would you vote for and why? Let me know below!

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