Knightwatchers Club - Batman: The Legacy Cowl Vote #17 (Batcomputer Voice)

Knightwatchers, we are back with our 17th vote on ‘Batman: The Legacy Cowl’ and we really have gotten a lot of control in this book! We’ve determined the title, the cover art, the log line, the look of Batman, the sidekick, the villain, the look of the Batmobile and some of Batman’s accessories and more! Now we get to tell letterer Marshall Dillon what the Batcomputer voice should look like in the book! Let’s get into it!

Screenshot 08-25-2022 12.44.20

Option #1

Screenshot 08-25-2022 12.44.44

Option #2

Screenshot 08-25-2022 12.44.56

Option #3

Screenshot 08-25-2022 12.45.06

There’s not a lot to breakdown or analyze here as it’s very much a subjective opinion of which one you prefer. What looks most like a computer voice to you? When you think of the way a computer talks or communicates which visual best matches that for you?

All three have a Batman logo in the top left corner which is customarily where DC puts the logo of the character talking. The font in Option #1 and Option #3 appear to be exactly the same, only the colors change. The font in Option #2 is very old school computer text. For those of a certain age that is what computer fonts looked like and that font has been used for computer text in movies and TV shows for a long time.

Which one do you prefer and why? How cool is the name Marshall Dillon? Let me know below!