Knightwatchers Club - Bat Cowl Utility #1: Voting On A Batman Comic!

Hello fellow Knightwatchers! As I write this we are just FIVE days away from the start of the Bat Cowl utility that will allow us, as Bat Cowl holders, to help create a Batman comic book that will be released in stores and become canon in the DC universe!

Batman Comic Voting Begins:

Here’s what we know about the Batman comic book that we will get to help create(!):
Writer - Dan Abnett
Editor - Katie Kubert
Involved - Jim Lee

Jim Lee is a Bat Cowl holder and has been involved in this from the beginning so we know he’ll be active in this whole process. During a AMA recently Jim Lee announced that Dan Abnett would be the writer and that Katie Kubert would be involved - presumably as the editor since that’s what she does - but he did not announce an artist to my knowledge. For all I know that may be what we vote on first and if that’s the case - wow! What an impactful decision that will be to literally decide, as a community, who will draw the books.

The details will all be known soon enough but for now - how excited are you to start voting on the Batman comic? What do you think the first vote will be about? How many things do you think we’ll get to vote on? Post your thoughts below and as more details get announced I’ll add them here!

I will be very interested to see how this goes, especially compared to the Round Robin contest.

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Update on this - the voting starts today(!) and will be bi-weekly until the comic book comes out! Josh Hackbarth, who is in charge of NFTs for DC/Warner Bros., said today in an AMA on Discord that the voting begins later today and all Bat Cowl holders will get an email with details on what we are voting on. We’ll then have 24 hours to vote!

I’ll post a new thread with the details of the first vote when I get the email.