Knightfall Animated Trilogy

I love the new DC animated movie universe. With the new Death of Superman, Reign, and Hush coming, I’d love to see a full Knightfall adaptation next.


Agreed! That would be amazing!

Definitely be one for the record books!

I’ve been waiting my whole life for someone to bring this up. Please make this happen.

I know the Reign of the Supermen is the next Superman animated movie but I hope this leads to a Parallax movie.


Knightfall wasn’t that great in all honesty. Would much rather see a long Halloween.

Knight fall isnt apart of new 52. This universe is new 52. Flash point, justice league war, aquaman throne of atlantis, son of batman, batman vs robin, batman bad blood, teen titans vs justice league, and judas contract are in the universe with the movies you mentioned


I’m down for a Knightfall Trilogy. Maybe open it up with a Sword of Azrael feature


Recently started to re-read it, would need it to be slightly modernized, but heck ya!

I just need the first one to be made, havent read the other volumes yet.

Knightfall?! genious, definately needs to happen.