Knight Terrors

yes I agree


To quote TV’s Hollywood Squares, “Circle gets the square.” :superman_hv_4: :tv:


Porter severely injured his hand back in 2006. It took him a while to recover. It’s likely that he’s not able to produce the same controlled work that he used to. The fact that this series featured nightmares and hallucinations made it the perfect project for him. I’m just glad he’s still working.


I read issue 4 of the main book, I understand that a special “Knight’s End” will close it out. As of now though, I’m pretty dissapointed in the revelations made. I’ll probably hold off until that final issue comes out to see if anything changes


I felt the same way. Saw it coming a mile away and had nothing that made it unique from other times I’ve seen that plot point. Considering so much of the main storyline was built around it, I was pretty unimpressed.


Hiya @capo-mage! Thanks for the welcome. That’s very cool he’s getting inducted! I’m afraid my name isn’t that exciting. :rofl: It’s just a reference to a hobby, not Akron. What does it mean? I’m curious now. I hope you enjoy Zatanna’s book, ps!


Ah, I was unaware of that (and if I had heard of it at the time, then it seeped out of my mental sponge over the last 17 years).

Same. Something’s better than nothing, of course.

I just wish his work on the opening salvo of the story was JLA-level instead of, well, what we ultimately got.

Again though, something’s better than nothing and I’m glad he’s still an active artist.


I thought it was pretty there were some lines I didn’t like but a lot of it looked great
I also really loved the colors they used


Finally finished the event. And I have to say that I…am very disappointed in how this turned out.

The first issue teased two members of The Endless, Death & Dream. And while I wasn’t expecting Death to show, I thought Dream playing a role was a given. The entire event is based on nightmares and the existence of a brand-new artifact called the NIghtmare Stone! Why the Hell wasn’t he included? ALL of this is under his jurisdiction! Also…at what point did the Dream Stone reform and fall into the possession of the heroes? Correct me if I’m wrong, but that was destroyed during Neil Gaiman’s original Sandman run. And of course, this ultimately just all became part of a tease for another future event/schemes with this new Dr. Hate character and a tease for Beast World.