Knight Terrors DC3 Super Power Packs - Questions and Answers

You may have gotten something like this in your email recently and have questions about it. If so, I’m offering my help as someone that is well-versed in all things DC3 and DC’s web3 projects!

This is legitimate, it’s partnered with DC, Jim Lee himself is directly involved and there’s an entire staff at DC that work on web3 (NFTs) so know that this is not a scam, is not going to disappear overnight and is not a trick. This is a free opportunity to mint three Knight Terrors comics as NFTs and be able to read them online whenever you’d like!

I hope you all take advantage of this opportunity and if you have any questions about how to redeem it, how to set up an account, what to do next or what else is available please don’t hesitate to ask me and if I don’t know the answer I’ll find someone who does as quickly as possible!

All I know is I got excited when I saw an email that said “A special invitation” thinking we’d finally be getting access to 1 of those memeber-exclusive events promised in our memberships. But that immediately turned to disappointment when I saw what it was actually about. I’m not trying to knock you for being into them, if anything it’s more power to you that you are. I’ve just never had any interest in NFTs and doubtfully ever will, and I know I’m not alone on that

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I hear you. And 16 months ago I’d have agreed with you. But these are NFTs in name only, really. It’s buying a digital comic that you can sell, read or keep and having it gets you access to other things. I hope you’ll look into it more because I have learned a lot about what DC NFTs are all about and this particular project is backed by Jim Lee and has allowed me to see DC movie premieres for free, gotten people invites to exclusive comic-con events, allowed us to collaborate on a Batman comic and much more.

Ummm…the email contains a broken link. When I click on the DC NFT Marketplace link it takes me to an empty site stating restricted access.
Anyone else seeing this?
Unless it is a Joke! Ha!

Hmmm…that’s not good! Link worked for me but I know there are certain geographic restrictions. What country are you in?