Killing Parademons New 52/Earth Prime

I am reading injustice for the second time and this question occurred to me. do you consider killing a parademon’s of the new 52 taking a life or destroying a machine?
parademons are cybernetic organisms with little or no will of there own. they do read as lifeforms by a green lantern ring, but they also are basicly more like a non-infiltrator terminator then Cyborg, basicly they are mindless soulless machines.

for me i always felt the JL and Earth’s heroes just ‘destroyed’ them when invasions happened and that they were not in fact alive in a way that counted as life.

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well im not sure about earth prime but overall I just consider them mindless zombies with no free will(exactly what darkseid wants) so when they’re “killed” I see it more as the heros putting them out of their misery not directly killing them.

I always thought it was sketchy that batman kills them in Justice League Origins, (new 52) seeing as its the league’s first encounter with them, so they aren’t sure if they are alive themselves.

Book too last panel batman states and i qoates to superman: speak for yourself, I promised never to take a human life: DC Universe

also it was why In batman vs superman DOJ batman was willing to kill superman before he showed his humanity, and why he was willing to kill the creature. batman does kill aliens.