killing joke

New to this app is killing joke or hush on here any reccomendations on what to read on here huge batman fan thank you

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Neither of those classics are on DCU right now but there’s plenty of other great Batman material here. Such as:

-Under The Hood (from the Batman ongoing series)
-The Batman Adventures
-The first year of theCassandra Cain Batgirl ongoing series
-Poison Ivy: Life and Death
-the three Tim Drake Robin mini-series
-Red Robin
-Batman: The Unseen
-Batman Beyond mini-series
-Batman Beyond ongoing that ran alongside the TV show
-Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight
-assorted one-shots and first issues of different series
-Batman and the Outsiders

There’s alot more in the Comics section, but the above is a small taste.


So you know, comic selection on here is often. Hope you didn’t mess up and buy a year like me.

Thank you guys so much do you guys know how often they update this app with new comics finished watching titans but I’m a bigger reader

@licentious what do u mean often?

Batman brave & bold plus the comics & tv series. Batman eternal. Batman & the outsiders.

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Sorry that plus shouldn’t be in there.