Killer Croc 40th Anniversary

Killer croc since 1983 will be 40th anniversary of one Batman greatest rouge gallery I doing all from comics,TV video games and more in celebration him for 40th anniversary I started it new moth of February from 2023-2024 February Let him in best moments for forget.


Killer Croc was great in his first appearance.

His later appearances, not so much.


My introduction to Killer Croc was Batman The Animated Series, he really was a tough villain for Batman.
Believe or not my favorite Killer Croc episode is from The Batman (2004) episode ‘Swamped’ where he flood Gotham City.
And welcome back @Markim99.

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Welcome back to the community @Markim99! My first introduction to Killer Croc was also through Batman: The Animated Series. He’s a great villain. :crocodile:

Please don’t hesitate to let the moderator team know if you need anything!

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