Killer Croc 40th Anniversary: Batman: The Animated Series

Here found this first Killer croc other media tv Batman: The Animated Series. This version of Croc lumpy, grey skin instant green (remember this first Croc animated) to be frank this first time meet this character before read of comic book.


I Liked Killer Croc, On Batman the Animated Series!
He Was Fun Too Watch!
Killer Croc, Was A Regular Villain On, Batman the Animated Series!

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His first appearance episode was the best, love how it started out with a mystery, which almost look like one of the Boring episode, and before you know it, the episode was really awesome! Croc looked like one heck of a scary villain for Batman!
It’s a shame that later episode he doesn’t seem as threatening and menacing as his first episode.
I still do enjoy Sideshow, Almost got’im & trial. :slightly_smiling_face: