Kid-friendly comics are here

Even though in the FAQ it bwas said the DC Universe wasn’t meant for younger audiences, we just had a lot of family-friendly series added like Teen Titans Go and even Tiny Titans, as well as many others. With the conspicuous absence of DC Super Hero Girls, sadly. Not even the FCBD issue that’s free to read on Comixology. Dear DC, please keep these fun and kid-friendly series on here but please also add DCSHG as well! It’s fun to sometimes just relax and read something colorful and uplifting in today’s world. Thank you!


I’m not sure but those do look like they might fall under the “no collections” criteria. Still I agree with you that they should add it and I really hope plans are in the works to add it at some point.

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I wouldn’t get too comfortable with them being here or the Hanna Barbara stuff for that matter. I expect that alot of stuff was added in an automated fashion by date of release and that over the next few weeks alot of books that were never supposed to be part of the service may well disappear as they clean house. I suspect we’ll also see the Wild Storm stuff and the books that are collected in trade under the Black Label banner (like All-Star Superman and New Frontier) go to last chance to read between now and the summer.

I don’t think this is a fluke, they’re all listed on the News post here: So I doubt DCU would add things like Li’l Gotham without meaning to. I’m just happy they’re here and hopefully DCSHG will be too.


I suppose it depends on one’s definition of “kid friendly”.

Certainly the LoSH from back in the 60’s (adventure comics probably in the #260 - 300 range) IMO are kid friendly. LoSH always had colorful costumes and the stories weren’t dark or gritty. A bit “cheesy” by today’s standards, perhaps. But, they are a nice change of pace. More positive and “shiny”. It was the height of the Comics Code Authority days.

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Sure, of course. What I meant here of course is the modern comics aimed at kids specifically like Tiny Titans. Seems weird that DCSHG are left out while lots of similar series are added even though it was said in the FAQ they wouldn’t be. I’m super happy that they were, just confused.

Is no one else excited about these cute comics? Is it just me?

No, not just you. I like what I’ve read of Tiny Titans and I read the print singles of the digital first Teen Titans Go series.

Is the original Teen Titans Go ongoing (that tied into Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans and ran for…50 issues?) on here?


Yes, I believe this is it:

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That’s it and holy potatoes Dr. Jones, it ran for 55 issues! That’s impressive.

I’m sure those digital chapters will be replaced by their correct issues soon, as that’s been mentioned in the feedback section.

I love these TV books, they’re alot of fun. Superman Adventures, Batman: Gotham Adventures, Batman Beyond (mini and ongoing) and Justice League Unlimited are my favorites. The fact that they’re all here is sweet!

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I think it’s awesome that we are getting the kid-friendly stuff here too Mae.

I enjoy a lot of the lighter reading so this perfect for me. There’s some stuff I don’t own that I hope to have as easy reading this summer.

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I wish they would finish the first volume of Batman Adventures.
That’s literally the only thing that’s stopped me from reading all of them.

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What’s left to finish from Batman Adventures?

#29-36 are still missing.

Granted, DC has only released them digitally in the last trade collection of Batman Adventures.
But without those issues, the run is incomplete.

I would also like to voice my support and give my thanks. I plan I using these to help my nieces and nephews develop their reading skills.

Young Justice was a little too difficult for them.

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Are the Batman Adventures annuals and specials here? The Holiday Special sounds interesting.

Yeah, both of the annuals and the holiday special are on here.

As Carrey’s Riddler said: “Su-weet!”

Thanks :slight_smile:

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What I liked most about Batman Adventures (the comic) was that for the longest time, it was the comic that most evoked that same feeling I got from reading Kitchen Sink’s reprints of Eisner’s Spirit.

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