Kick out Batman

You need to take a drug test.

I took a battest the results were batpositive I’m actually batcrazy.

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There’s no point. If you’re really sick of Batman, you could just ignore all his comics and movies. There’d still be PLENTY of DC left for you to explore.


I dont agree with the idea of Batman being his own franchise. A huge part of Batman is that he thrives on a version of Earth full of beings that are godly. And those beings respect him and some are even a bit fearful of him. That is a cornerstone that makes the Batman so great.

@Aylex Not at all, people who are actually getting tired of batman barely share this viewpoint, heck I don’t if you’d scrolled up but that’s annoying so don’t blame you. I don’t agree with this just thought it was interesting to share

I don’t agree with splitting them off from the dcu but the batfamily definitely gets an unfair amount of exposure compared to the rest of the dcu characters