Kevin Smith's Run on Green Arrow

I won’t give any spoilers but anyone who hasn’t read the first 15 issues of Green Arrow from the 2000 series by Kevin Smith which are on here… should definitely consider it.

A great run by Smith with some of his vintange humor and some good characterization along with some good surprises made for a great read.

For some reason right now the first 10 issues are listed seperately from issues 11-15 for some reason. (I don’t think they were last time I checked but were as of this writing), but worth the effort for sure.


Its a great run, definitely. Smith showed a lot of love and care for not just Ollie and his crew, but the entire DCU as a whole.

I thought they fixed the broken issues

It WAS fixed but now its not. Weird. There’s also a thumbnail up for Selina’s Big Score with no issues. I suspect they’re just screwing around with something preparing to either add or drop titles.

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I was just reading one the other day but I can’t remember what comic it was. It wasn’t Arrow tho. Guy had shirt on that snootchy bootchys. I had a lol comic reading moment. I like the eps of Flash he wrote too.

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that “said” snootchy bootchys

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Kevin Smith’s run on Green Arrow is snoogans for sure.

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I finished it, it was great. Geoff Johns’ GL run forgot just how good it was too. Also Birds of Prey, all the Aquamans, Batman Rebirth tons more. Been reading all day for around 8 days straight.

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The Archers Quest story that followed Smiths rub was aweome too.