Kevin Smith should have his own show on here

Kevin Smith should host his own live show on here, like Hardwick and the walking dead


He’s the main host of DC Daily, the daily news show that DCU is going to have!


That was one time deal.

I agree, I’d love to see Comic Book Men get revived for the streaming app!

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YES!! I want him to do Fatman on Batman (minus that co-host who seems to hate DC)& bring it back to its original format. Nowadays its talking about EVERYTHING, including Marvel, which makes no sense to still call it that. Though I do know he recently changed the podcast to Fatman Beyond, since as he said it he isn’t fat anymore so its misleading.
His daughter will be a host on DC Daily, so I won’t doubt he’ll be back,my hope is he directs one of the DC Universe shows, since he’s good at dialogue over action I’d love to see The Question adapted & him directing the pilot

I would love to have Kevin do a weekly show here where he goes over the things he’s doing here on the app…even a 15 minute thing…or maybe his own post here in the chat…he’s such a Dude