Kevin Conroy Is Voicing Batman in Suicide Squad, Kill the Justice League


Nice ! But also how ?


Watching live and dang what a great reveal !
One more go baby :batparrot:


Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssss!!! And it looks to continue the Arkham story!!!




He probably recorded these lines a while ago before his passing. A lot of VA’s can be on a project for years until they are able to publicly talk about it. I know Jensen Ackles had to wait at least 3 years before he could publicly announce that he was voicing Batman in The Long Halloween part 1 and 2. Unrelated to DC, Jonah Scott was the lead for Dying Light 2, but was casted 5 years before the game came out last year, and even then there was a chance he could have lost the role and was replaced. Granted, not all projects are the same, but if the voice lines are written and recorded, then all they have to do is finish coding the game, animating the cutscenes, and adding the voicelines to the game (there’s a lot more to this process, I’m just paraphrasing a little bit).


Holy crap, I almost sobbed all over again when I saw this. I have to admit I’ve been on the fence about this game, mainly because it seems to be retconning things like Assault on Arkham and the Arkham Knight comic out of the Arkhamverse continuity, which I really didn’t like. But knowing that this may end up being Kevin’s last performance as Batman, it seems like none of that stuff really matters anymore. It’s incredible that this game will give us the gift of 1 more performance from the legend himself, so I’ve gotta get it now


sucks for me because I don’t play video games anymore, I wish DC would compile the movie scenes from these games after they have been out for like 3-5 months and make them available to watch on HBO MAX DC Hub.

There are a few youtubers who compile them which is how I was able to finish the Injustice Gods Among Us series, I was really aggravated after collecting the hard copy volumes to see too be continued in the video game. An it took me forever to find a youtuber who put together of the movie scenes and left out the game play.

I really wish that DC had told Kevin Conroy, to eat few cheese burgers and some pasta, and lift a few weights, and been like, suck it up butter cup, you are playing Batman / Bruce Wayne on the big screen in The Dark Knight ( remember the animated movies part 1 n 2, least we got him for those. ) But yeah that would have been friggin insanely awesome had someone pulled that off. Use someone else for the stunts.

Anyhow, long live Kevin Conroy. We had it too good with him for voicing Batman, hopefully I can adjust to whom ever the new voice actor is.

WOOOO hey yall know who voices Bart Simpson , from the cartoon, a woman voice actress, orgot her name too lazy to look it up and not sure if she is still voicing Bart Simpson, could you imagine if a woman was able to pull off voicing for Batman, how trippy that would be.

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It was an awesome™:+1: surprise. Can’t wait for May 26th. :batparrot: