Kevin Conroy and Will Friedle on 20 Years of BATMAN BEYOND!

Batman and Robin aren’t the only Dynamic Duo in Gotham City. The animated series ‘Batman Beyond’ takes viewers to the Gotham of the future, where Bruce Wayne (voiced by ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ star Kevin Conroy) has retired and his teenage protégé Terry McGinnis (Will Friedle) is the new Batman. And this Friday, August 20th, you can watch the show’s first season newly remastered in HD right here on DC Universe…

One of the hallmarks of ‘Batman Beyond’ was the interplay between the elder stoic Bruce and the emotional novice Terry, with their well-written partnership making them one of the greatest duos in TV animation history. We recently had a chance to sit down with Kevin Conroy and Will Friedle, who shared memories about their time on ‘Batman Beyond,’ as well as Bruce and Terry’s unique relationship…

Have you ever wondered what the stars thought about this hit show? Then check out today’s article, where they discuss meeting fan expectation, their favorite Batman Beyond episodes, and more in our News Section or by following this link: DC Universe ews/kevin-conroy-and-will-friedle-20-years-batman-beyond/

What is your favorite Bruce-Terry moment in ‘Batman Beyond’? We’d love to know in the comments below!


So many Bruce/Terry moments…I think I love their last scene together in Epilogue when Terry knows Bruce is his father, and laughs off his cranky old-man behavior

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My favorite moment comes from the episode Disappearing Inque. Inque has Terry, and Bruce suits up once more to save him. Bruce puts on the armored batsuit even though it could kill him from all the strain on his heart.

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I’ve always wondered why William “Mr. George Feeny” Daniels never guest starred on the show.

It would have been a schway Boy Meets World reunion for him and Friedle/Terry.

Given Batman Beyond’s propensity for villainous teachers, William Daniels could have voiced a descendant of Feeny’s who taught at Hamilton Hill High School.


I loved when Bruce was talking to Commissioner Barbara Gordon in the “cave” & Terry

slowly realizes Barbara was Batgirl.

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I JUST rewatched that moment about 5 minutes ago! It’s a funny scene!

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I wish there had been 20 seasons of Batman Beyond lol

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I just saw post. I watched it about 10 minutes after my post so we were almost watching simultaneously.