Keeping Track of Characters

I’m one of those collectors that wants every issue that Tim Drake and Selina Kyle show up in, but it’s not like monthly solicits list every character that shows up in every comic so I don’t know how to tell my comic store what extras to pull for the month.

Right now I’m using DC Database | Fandom which does a pretty good of listing out what issues the characters are in but unless I cross reference the list against itself I don’t see a quick and easy way to keep track of something new popping up. Anyone have any good resources or ideas? I’m shocked DC doesn’t have an easy way to find out what characters are in what issue every month.


Honestly, I think the DC wiki is the best place for comic appearances.


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Are you specifically looking for books with both Tim and Selina in the same issue? Or two different collection efforts?

I agree that a wiki is your best bet. Problem is that wikis require humans to update them, people make mistakes, both inclusive and exclusive. The good news is that Tim and Selina are pretty popular, so it should be more accurate than trying to track down every time Glenda Mark might have been sitting in the corner of a room.

They’re also, unfortunately, reactive, not proactive. Nobody can update a wiki until the book is out. So if you’re looking to build a pull list based on solicits, you’re out of luck. I doubt DC even tracks that internally, given how often we’ve had books published the same week establish contradictory information about a single character in the same continuity.


They’re two different collection efforts! I’ve got a pretty good list going, but like you said it’s reactive not proactive. I’m surprised yet not surprised that DC doesn’t keep track off this stuff. A shame, really


I use this for chronologies, but I may be misunderstanding the question?

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