Keeping DC Reading in Order

My LCBS often laments how confusing DC can be… I can’t not agree, lol…

I started with DC long ago but just keeping to GL and The Flash. I didn’t realize how much I actually knew about Batman too… Anyway, I branched out when you all recommended Harley Quinn show. Thanks to the “Get to Know” section, I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Jason Todd. And now I am devouring Batgirl (52) which led me astray to Batman so I could continue Night of the Owls. Basically, I am all over the place! It’s kind of fun figuring out where to go next, but one thing that can’t be helped is spoilers when you’re reading from one thing to the next.

My brother who is avid DC said some storylines didn’t age well, so I don’t feel the need to read everything, but I’m curious to pick up Birds of Prey now as well as continue on with all the Robins.

So for those of you who can recall, what order did you go in? Do you have any other recommendations for me? (also, I am keeping track with a notebook, because wow… it’s so easy to get lost really fast haha)

What ive been doing is compiling publication order of character appearances, not by issues but by story arcs, and reading the ones that interest me! Which is long work, but i really enjoy making these lists haha

Which specific characters are you looking to read about? I might have lists for them already

That’s a good method. I went by publication to get the right order. Here’s an example, I mentioned the Night of the Owls story arc. I ran into it while reading Batgirl. Do I need to pause Batgirl and follow that storyline for the rest of Batgirl to make sense?

the crossover issues with the night of owls might be a little bit confusing, but that arc is self contained and going back to reading batgirl is totally fine without it! It’s the other way around for me, i prefer to have read everything surrounding it before reading a crossover

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