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There is a rumor that Swamp Thing is already cancelled. If so, that’s a mistake. I am really liking the direction of the show after only 2 episodes. Unless the next 8 episodes really tank, which I don’t think they can, it is better than Teen Titans.

The horror vibe, the constant name dropping Easter Eggs, the use of Madame Xanadu, all these things make it terrifically enjoyable. The Swamp Thing creature design could be tweaked a bit, but I don’t think it’s bad, just not as good as it could be. The swamp culture, the southern vibe, the small town political vibe, all these are fun and well done. The cast is great. If you let this slip through your fingers, you will regret it.

I had heard that it was execs and creative differences. Tell the execs to chill and let the series get it’s legs under it. Cancelling anything before episode 2 has aired is foolishness incarnate.

Good luck, and do the right thing.


Let HBO take over Swamp Thing with the same cast, crew and creative direction. Then give them Titans and Doom Patrol and okay a start from scratch. Or un-cancel Swamp Thing and have their people take over Titans and Doom Patrol.