Keep makin films and stop killing off characters

Dc is excellent for good content considering I only watch the two hero universes. I just dont think Dc should keep killin off the heroes I grew up on. Dont get me wrong, I understand the changes that has to happen for new prodigies and new heroes, but I think they should do it in a different way. Do I get agreements or disapprovals?:thinking:🤷🏽

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When in doubt about character killings

  1. Lazarus pit
  2. Multiverse
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In general it doesn’t bother me if they kill of a main character in a film if it’s based on a book/ comic

Because it’s not the source material If that makes sense.

It does bother me if the author of a book / comic kills off a character ( That I like ) it’s a finality of that character for the most part.

Ok not in comics

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