Keep Calm And Carry On. The Sky Is Not Falling.

Yes, it seems that Swamp Thing has been canceled.

However, reporting suggests that it’s not because of a lack of faith in the show or in the DCU service. It’s because of a $40 million screw-up perpetrated by the North Carolina legislature.

WB agreed to shoot Swamp Thing in NC because of a huge tax break that was promised to studios who filmed there. Swamp Thing’s budget was estimated at $80 million - so just imagine what it must have been like when suddenly they got their budget cut in half! Heck, I’m surprised they were able to salvage anything, turning thirteen episodes into ten.

So of course things are being reevaluated, for both Swamp Thing and DCU. They just lost millions upon millions of dollars through no fault of their own and they’re trying to find a way forward that’ll keep everything up and running.

But if Swamp Thing continues its quality run, garnering more and more adulation, WB/DCU will eventually find a way to keep it going. It’ll take another huge initial investment, but if we the community keep calm and continue to support both the show and DCU, it’s a distinct possibility that we might get a second season some day.


This is the kind of think we need. I’m worried about this service, but it’s nice to see someone calmly look at the situation. It’s even calmed me down. So thanks.


Wish I could quote that post because I agree with it and the positive attitude you have @Super-Squirrel so I’ll just leave a thumbs up instead. Let calmer heads prevail.


I just hope the servive isn’t in trouble or moves to the WB app I love this service and don’t want it absorbed to WB…


I can’t begin to tell you how glad I am this thread exists. How many times are we going to see people fly off the handle claiming this service is being shut down based on little to no information.

Thank you for being reasonable and letting people know to relax.


Those of you in NC there, give your legislators an earful for us! Fudging politicians!


Yes, positivity is the key.


Trust me, we have tried to get rid of the current legislature, and made some inroads in the last election. It’s the sad state of gerrymandered political corruption that has kept the dumbest, most knuckle-dragging folks in power for the last 9 years…


Thanks for making this thread. I was going to make pretty much exactly this thread earlier, but didn’t think it would get much support given the 20 other different threads about the cancellation of ST. DCU is still making great content, and the first season of ST is still coming out! Look on the bright side everyone :slight_smile:


Well said we cant worry until they tell us too.



Your comment reminds me of an old joke

Back in the days before the telephone Western Union Telegraph was the way to communicate. But each word cost money.

So father of household who is away sends following telegram to family Start Worrying

So Applejack

Two words

Start Worrying


Stop Worrying

The forums are out of control

Please respond mods


They’re probably being instructed right now on ‘what to say’ and ‘what not to say’ to bring things under control without causing more hysteria.
And not knowing the answers that people want to hear would only fan the flames.


And let’s face it, even if there isn’t a second season (and I still think there’s a good chance there will be) we’re still getting a full season of freaking Swamp Thing, people! Some properties never even get that much.


Alpt of people just signed up because of this show ,not me I’ve been here since launch but alot of people have and DC/ WB needs to do a better job with letting ppl know the facts instead of Facebook articles and releasing what DC should have told us , now that this news and the news of WB reevaluating the DC universe is on Facebook it’s going to scare alot if customers away and that’s just facts…


Dress it, run from it, destiny still arrives

Glad to see somone who isn’t flipping out, or threatening to cancel/boycott this service over this. We need more calm, levelheaded people in this community.


And it seems we can’t have anything nice because of politicians.

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We don’t have to threaten to boycott this service. Warner Bros is gonna shut DCU down. They’re working on their own streaming app and reevaluating where DCU fits into that

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Thanks Super-Squirrel! Long Live the DCU!!!

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What if the sky did fall, it’s not like it actually weighs anything.