Katana - Where to Begin?

I’ve really enjoyed the first two books of ‘The Other History Of The DC Universe’ by John Ridley and realized when I read the DC history of Bumblebee how much of her DC history was included in the story. To that end I’d like to read as much about Tatsu Yamashiro, aka Katana, before issue #3 of 'The Other History Of The DC Universe" is released so that I can know her lineage in the books before she gives her side of the story.

That said - where does her story begin? I know she had the 10-issue run as part of the New 52 but what about before that? Any tips/suggestions would be appreciated.

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The place to start with Katana is 1983’s Batman and the Outsiders, where she makes her debut.


Thanks! I just looked that up and I actually read that issue as part of the book that was released last year - DC Through the 80s: The End of Eras (DC Through the Decades). Looks like from there I’ll pick up the trail with Batman & The Outsiders Volume 1.


Personally, I would not recommend the New 52 series.

That’s where you and I differ, then. I am reading my way through the entire New 52 catalog - all 1,942 issues of it - and I’m enjoying it quite a bit.



I hope you enjoy reading Batman And The Outsiders and, in particular, the early adventures of Katana. Katana is a team player for most of the series (as are all the Outsiders). However, the first year of BATO is important, as it establishes Katana’s mother/daughter relationship with Halo and culminates with her origin in issues #11-12. Katana also gets a small spotlight in issue #24 (a fun issue that sets up the Outsiders’ first encounter with Kobra, which occurs in issues 25-27).

Be here! It’ll be good!


hears someone say Batman & the Outsiders

Here’s the link: DC Universe

Now enjoy some Barr & Aparo goodness!


So much goodness from Barr and Aparo during their B’Man And The Outsiders run.
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