Kaiju vs JLA?

Could the JLA take down Ultraman, Godzilla, Jet Jaguar and Gamera in a fight

tell me what you think…

I would say they could take down most of them (although I see the JLA allying themselves with Jet Jaguar, Ultraman, and Gamera rather than fighting them.) As for Godzilla himself, depends on which iteration you’re referring to, although if you mean a composite Godzilla, I don’t think even the JLA could take him down (controversial opinion: I would argue that a composite Godzilla is more powerful than a composite Superman.)

A crossover movie with Batman (Adam West) and Godzilla was almost made once, but rights issues ended up getting it shelved. In case you were wondering, from what I’ve read, the plot was about a mad scientist creating a device that allowed him to control Godzilla, and Batman and Robin had to find him and free Godzilla from his influence.