Justice Society Bottle Lamp

So using some comics I have that were literally held together by tape and glue (literally no value, OK?), I found enough of the legendary Justice Society (plus an extra scene with Firebrand from a different issue of All Star Squadron) to make a bottle lamp.

Want to make one?


  1. A bottle! Duh. Fireball bottles work best for me but your mileage may vary.

  2. Comics! Duh. But use your ones held by tape and glue. We want it to be upcycling, not destroying.

  3. Bling Wrap from Dollar Tree. Dollar General has a good bling Wrap with black thread also, but it isn’t a dollar.

  4. e6000 glue for the bling wrap.

  5. Mod Podge (Dollar Tree find).

  6. A $1 solar light.

  7. Rocks or marbles to weigh down the bottle to your liking (Dollar Tree again).

  8. School glue (Dollar Tree again)

  9. Paint brush (small sponge or hair)

Making your bottle:

  1. Wash your bottle. You can use Goo Gone if the glue on the bottle acts weirdly.

  2. Get enough rocks in your bottle to weigh it down. Then pour in your school glue for a bit and shake the bottle gently to cover your rocks/marbles.

  3. Sometimes I put the bottle out in the sun to dry. Other times, I go on and don’t put on the topper until this glue dries enough.

  4. Measure where you want your comics to go
    Apply matte (yellow bottle) of Mod Podge with a paint brush of some sort.

  5. Apply your comic panels and smooth it all out. This takes time. Be patient.

  6. Once smoothed out, put a top coat with the same bottle of Mod Podge. For a glossy finish, like I do, use the red/orange bottle of Mod Podge for a final top coat after your layers of matte finish dry. This will seal it in.

  7. Use your e6000 glue to attach your bling wrap. You don’t need to put it on every bling, as e6000 is a powerful glue.

  8. Remove the top two bits of your solar light.
    Place a drop or two of e6000 at the top of your bottle. Don’t go all the way around so the inside of your bottle can breathe. Attach the bottom plastic bit. You screw off the top to charge your light and then screw it back in.

  9. When all that glue dries, enjoy your new lamp.

I’ve made several of these and will post more of them later.


Another JSA one, this time with these weirdos called a Justice League or something. This was after the death of Mister Terrific in the 1970’s.

I used a wine bottle for that one. There’s also a whole other one with nothing but The Huntress on it.


The Huntress. Doesn’t have its solar topper just yet. This is the last one for a while, as I have to find my pics of the others.




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I love these!! This is such a creative idea - thank you so much for the instructions on how to make one!


You’re welcome. When you use your Mod Podge to attach the comics, I will warn you to attach them one at a time.

Here is one of Arion in the dark. This shows how it’s a neat night light.


Wow! That’s so cool! Thanks

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I found the rest of that one. This one involves a harness that my neighbor found for $1 at a pallet store. So I didn’t feel bad cutting it up for this. They are glued on with e6000 also.


Nice! I really like the addition of the harness

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Here is the most recent one. It’s from The Brave and the Bold when Batman teamed up with The Spectre. The pics don’t give this one justice, because I am having her summon the Fireball devil through the bottle.


Neat idea!

Do you make them for your own enjoyment or for friends/family or an etsy or something?

I would probably even go as far as to get a diy lamp kit (they’re usually like $10-15 at most stores, or even less) and make it into a full fledged lamp. Maybe fill the bottle with sand or something similar where to comics cover for added weight.


Right now, I make them for myself and the hubs.

I’d use a lamp kit but that involve either holes or disguising the cord on the outside. Both of which I have no idea how to do. :slight_smile:

But I couldn’t see why someone else couldn’t make a plug-in lamp.

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