Justice League Vs The Fatal Five

Anyone have any info if Justice League Vs The Fatal Five will be available on here??

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JL v. FF will be available here on the service April 16th! :grin:


WTF I can buy the fatal five movie on iTunes before it’s viewable on the DC subscription service.

I’m canceling my account. Not worth it.


Thank you I couldn’t get it to play I thought I was having technical problems but after a little back in forth tech support told me what was going on Nice to know the release date

@gschlobohm.13442 fair enough, but you get it the same day it is on Blue-Ray if not digital and also get what is about to become 20,000 comics, original programming, and a library of past movies and TV shows. So I am unclear on how you feel ripped off you will get all that plus the movie you will have to pay 20 bucks to watch right now a couple weeks later. But if paying 20 bucks now for just the movie is more worth it to you fair enough, obviously only you know where your money should go.


@DanTheManOne I kinda think it was sarcasm. I sure as hell hope so, or that is one spoiled person.

The thing I miss about having just the films here, is not getting the doco/extras. So much great info & history in those.


I think if DC/WB really wanted to build a subscriber base they would give those customers preference in as many ways as they can. The long term subscription potential dwarfs whatever apple or other digital distributers contribute in the short run.

Unsatisfied customer = loss of lifetime subscription


There are definitely benefits to owning the DVD/Blue Ray over just having it here if you like the special features and the like, or just owning a physical copy you can have forever. And as far as giving customers preference, I get the argument but they also are a business and I don’t think having digital get it a few weeks early is that big of a rip off. I mean if people think it is a deal breaker that is fair, obviously not everyone sees things the same way and I don’t mean any disrespect. But we get it for a fraction of what the download cost a month or less later, I think that is more then fair.

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You don’t see Netflix dropping it’s original content on other platforms before it’s own subscribers get it.

Just saying

It isn’t a DCAU original movie. Do you think Joker will be premiering on here too? Because if so I got same bad news. I also doubt Disney films will first be made available anywhere on the Disney service once it premieres. If they were making Doom Patrol available on digital download first I would agree with that point. But this isn’t the same thing.

DC stated at the begining that all of the animated flix would be on the streaming service, on or shortly after it came out on BluRay/DVD

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@TomJones, you can’t rent it until its release date of April 16th. And if you’d rather pay $19.99 to watch it now, have at it.

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