Justice League vs. The Fatal Five: Your Thoughts (SPOILERS)

I thought it was alot of fun. I liked the updated character designs for Brainy and especially Saturn Girl and the references to other Legion characters.

The musical callbacks to STAS (including the New Kids In Town episode), Justice League and Justice League Unlimited were fun too.

Kevin Michael Richardson’s Kilowog was a surprise to see. I was very happy to see his character design from GLTAS was retained and used here. Was he confirmed to die from his wounds? I sure hope not.

Anyway, fun flick. What are your thoughts?


It was great! I wish they had more of the original seven in there, but honestly I’m just happy to have anything resembling the DCAU back. And new additions to the Justice League like Jessica Cruz and Miss Martian were also great. I really hope there’s a sequel.


I just finished watching it about 2 minutes ago. I need to watch it again to get a better handle on things, but I thought it was alright. I am not the biggest fan of the Legion of Superheroes, but it wasn’t bad. It felt like an episode of JLU with much, much less focus on the Justice League as an institution (gone are those shots of the watchtower and random members walking around) which honestly was disappointing. The world felt really small, which threw the authenticity off a little. I hope they continue to make DCAU projects but I felt like this wasn’t a great story. I didn’t care for Starboy, Jessica, or the Legion and introduced (and focusing on) so many new characters made it feel different from the JLU in a bad way. It was too much too soon. It might have worked better if JLU was still airing, then it would’ve made sense,but this is the first movie where we’re seeing Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman etc. in the DCAU style for a long time, only for them to be sidelined. It also posed alot of questions that never got answered (why did the JL switch headquarters? Where is the Watchtower? Where is 98% of the league?). It is difficult to capture the originality of the original series, but they’re close. I thought they were trying too hard to make Jessica seem important and really I didn’t find her all that special, but I liked Miss M. even if YJ does her better. Keep the DCAU projects going, I like what I’m seeing.

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I miss Supergirl. :cry:

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No Poozer can beat Kilowag, that’s just wrong!

Kilowog will return.

Was great, but I wish Superman didn’t get Worf’ed like always.

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It was good. Not the best of the DC animated films, but far from the worst.

Much like Batman/Harley Quinn, this certainly could be taken as an official DCAU movie if you close one eye and kind of squint with the other, despite deviations from previous continuity. It looks like it, sounds like it and feels like it - and that feels good.

The visuals and audio cues are near-perfect. The designs are Bruce Timm at his best, and the return of the DCAU voice cast and half a dozen musical callbacks certainly hit the nostalgia button right between the eyes. The action is top-notch as always. But the script is a bit wonky. (the LSH sends its prisoners to the past? Huh? And then they don’t bother to come help when something goes wrong?) And the new characters aren’t fleshed out in a satisfying enough manner - though much of that is due to the typical 75ish minute run time.

Jessica Cruz, for instance, is a fascinating character in the comics. I loved seeing some of her history presented here, but from some of the marketing material, I was under the impression that the script was going to really tackle the issue of mental illness, especially with Jessica and Thomas. I suppose they didn’t do a horrible job for a 75-minute super-hero film, but it was certainly a much shallower exploration than I was expecting, especially after that opening scene with Jess.

The film just needed a bit more follow-through to really be a home run for me. Miss Martian’s complex Young Justice personality was watered down here, Mister Terrific didn’t get nearly enough screen time and we got absolutely no closure concerning the events on Oa.

Just give me fifteen more minutes of movie (without any more action scenes) and I’ll be happy. :+1:


It’s alright. Don t like Jessica Cruz in the comics nor here


Would’ve been much better without Jessica Cruz. I really wish DC wasn’t pushing her character so much. Definitely the worst of the Lanterns and unworthy of a ring. The movie had it’s moments and it was nice to see the Trinity from the Timmverse again, but overall the movie was just “ok” at best.

Loved it…another great showing for the Trinity and a new found respect for Mr. Terrific. The lack of a speedster in a JL movie is sorely felt though.

Someone above said they felt like they nerfed Superman…i don’t think so at all and thought they really did him justice here…he had a lot of great power showings especially taking on Mono, The Persuader and Tharok at the same time. And they weren’t holding back either.

Watching this, also made me realize that, if Supes, Bats, and WoWo really cut loose there isn’t much out there that can defeat them.

This was definitely more of a Starboy & Jessica Cruz story which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it really made me miss the JL/JLU series.


Really enjoyed it. Especially as i’ve never been able to really find myself interested in Legion of Superheroes, but this was a nice intro that grounded them in the League. Stoked to see Mr. Terrific take such a roll and the GL subplot was nice. I agree with @Redd_X though, this one really needed someone from the Flash universe.

Overall liked this one much more than Batman and Harley and felt very nicely like a 3 part JL unlimited storyline…in a good way of course.

(also one side note, is it just me or is it time for new Batman and Wonder Woman voice actors? I’ve loved their work but they are starting to sound much older than the characters)

It was fun, in spite of the usual inconsistencies, for example since when does Superman have problems holding a building?
Over the years writers have had their fun de powering Superman but at this rate the guy is going to have trouble lifting a dresser.
The ending, how did Star Boy survive a fall in to the sun core? His powers do not protect him from heat and space vacuum
he should have burn to ashes as he got too close to the sun, of course we are dealing with an “alternative” version of… so
I guess Thomas could just do anything…if only he could remember how to.
The plus, Mr Terrific in action the guy has potential, Martian Girl my first exposure I like the character I hope to see more of her,
Wonder Woman cracking a joke about breaking a nail, small role for the Emerald Empress a truly obnoxious character.
The minus, after a good beginning the movie kind of drags on in fact it felt more like few short episodes put together then a film,
Superman was just a punch bag through the entire film, he didn’t really use his powers to the max,
Batman OMG DC give the guy a personality he used to have one remember?

I liked the GL statues, especially Kyle in his classic uniform as well as Guy. Fun eggs of the Easter.

One of the very best animated movies! Great use of Star Boy. Wonderful that Jessica Cruz got a defining movie.

Amazing all the way.

If there was anything that I would have liked done differently, it’s only a few things.

  1. Not every single animated movie needs the trinity.
  2. Even if the movie wasn’t about Simon, he could have had some sort of role.
  3. It would have been fun if this built on the JLU continuity and we had seen Brainy with Kara in the future as a nod to the old show.
  4. The world’s greatest detective sent an innocent man to Arkham for a year which ultimately led to the man’s death along with God knows how many others? Maybe I would have picked some lesser detective to make that call. :stuck_out_tongue:
  5. If Batman needs to be in everything - use him as a Gotham Detective so we don’t have to wonder why he never gets hit by those instakill hits from Godmobs, or why we get pressure points on the same indestructible enemies.

I love that Batman called Mano Skeletor. Batman might have met Skeletor in the right continuity. :slight_smile:

Emerald Empress spearing everyone with the Eye of Nekron was pure power joy. Awesome!


Yes! Batman’s Skeletor zing was great! I rewound that to make sure I heard it correctly. Fun stuff.


Great movie. Loved Jessica Cruz and Starboy. Great to hear the original voice actors of Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman.


Being a long time lsh fan, i loved it! i just wish superman remembered Mon-El is all i am saying. I understand that lsh with superman history could have been a story in it self, but i wish that Mon-el would have at least would have hugged superman and said good to see you little brother.


I’m glad I’m not the only one who wished more interaction from Mon-el and Superman. That would have been AWESOME!

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I was quite happy to see Mon-El, in addition to other Legionnaires in the background of certain scenes.

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