Justice League vs the Fatal Five gets trailer and release date!

March 30th - no word at this time if it will be on DCU that day.

Trailer: https://youtu.be/P_AlCgcH9x0

My bad, digital release is the 30th, DVD is April 16

There is word it will be on DCU as all animated movies debut here the same day as their physical releases =)


I hope you’re right, Vroom. I’m really looking forward to it!

Do the mods know the answer to this? Reign of the Supermen came to DCU a couple of weeks after the release. Will that be the case for Fatal Five as well?

Reign came to DCU the same day as the physical release. The digital release is always a couple weeks earlier.

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@DECE Thanks, I guess that means we can expect it on April 16.

We’ll be releasing more information regarding the release of JL v. TFF closer to the date itself. Stay tuned!


Thanks Applejack! I tried not to speak for the DCU team :slight_smile:

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