JUSTICE LEAGUE vs. THE FATAL FIVE Discussion Thread: Spoiler Zone! 🚨

The latest and greatest in DC animation has officially made its way to DC Universe!

And if you HAVEN’T watched it yet, read no further and be sure to tune into tonight’s Watch-Along right here on the forums, which you can find right here in the Watchtower section :sunglasses: :movie_camera: :popcorn:

looks around For those of you who HAVE seen it, it’s spoiler time- We want to hear all your thoughts and theories, reactions and feelings. Spill it all in the comments below!


Kinda makes me miss the good ole justice league, wish they’d bring it back.


Somebody read my mind =)

I thought it was alot of fun. Diane Guererro (Crazy Jane) did well with Jessica Cruz.

The musical callbacks to STAS, Justice League and Justice League Unlimited were nice too.

Loved Kilowog’s appearance and that his GLTAS character design was used here. I hope he isn’t dead but that was a pretty major attack he suffered.

Bring on Hush =)


BTW, Bruce Timm voiced Two-Face. I love when he drops in unexpectedly to do voicework.


Very cool new story featuring antagonists rarely seen in this medium before, I’d never realized how powerful the fatal five were before watching this movie. Very reminiscent of the early 2000’s Justice League and Justice League unlimited. Also loved hearing the original voice actors again, those are the voices I hear when I think Justice League. Watching this makes me wish they would revive those old Schools shows on this service.


Why isn’t the film appearing in the ‘movies’ section?

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Very much enjoyed the movie. I totally geeked-out when I heard the STAS theme. Though, of all my love for The Bruce Timmverse, It sort of irks me how depowered Superman is. Other than that, Power Ring(Jessica Cruz) is a great addition to the team.

Hey DC, give us a Forever Evil animated movie!


Overall really enjoyed it, felt like a bigger, more cinematic episode of the animated series.

One thing I’m a little bummed out on, and this is more a fanboy nag, is that I think something is lost when Superman isn’t linked to the Legion at all.


Wow, I was super impressed by this film. I didn’t expect that to be as good as it was. I loved the new look at Star Boy. They definitely brought him up to the next level.


I really enjoyed this film. Excellent voice acting, animation, and well written story, I added it to my favorites list as soon as I finished watching it.


it felt like a long 3 part episode to me, the harley quinn cameo was great, has she ever fight like that before?


yoo Wonder Woman went innnn on her fights!!! (seeing her more and more gets me so hype for WW84) But yeah the movie was epic and wayy beyond what I was expecting.

I know we aren’t to mention diversity and all of that jazz but there were suddle things as well that I noticed that D.C. included that were awesome to see. Overall, just so impressed and loved it​:+1::+1:

Ohhh and Jessica really showed out at the end! Always cool to see the true power of a lantern :slight_smile:

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I liked it Justice League unlimited style. Wish I saw both Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz. Overall the ending was OK. “My names star boy. I’m a super hero”

The fatal five were a weak cast of villians but the movie was more about Jessica Cruz learning to be a hero. Starboy finally living up to everything he believed in…

3.5 out of 5.


Can anybody explain how Lady Empress and Mojojo (don’t know the other guys name) was released from a 21St century prison??

It was never made clear when GL was forced to release the remaining Fatal Five members, how lady empress even got there…

From what I remember, during the memory/flashback scene… The Legion discussed about holding them in the past? Is that right? I’m not sure

Don’t Fukien spoil it

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Lmao ^ exactly lol

I found out what I missed though. I think I fell asleep during the most important part of the movie so I rewatched it. Now everything makes sense

The fact that they played the JLU theme song in the movie was golden :ok_hand:

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I love it and I thought the Fatal Five were great villains. And the more Jessica Cruz I read and see the more I want. Personally I didn’t miss Simon Baz at all but I don’t really care for the comic character either. I also liked Megan and want to see more of her and Batman.

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^ then you should watch young justice

She’s a main character