Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad Discussion

I’ve been curious about this one for awhile. Ever since the giant advertisements in the back of all DC’s books, this has been on my radar even though it seemed like a cheap cash in on the wished for popularity of the at the time current Suicide Squad movie. The premise is a bit silly. Justice League should able to dropkick the Suicide Squad team in about thirty seconds save the possible shenanigans of Enchantress. Still, I was happy to finally get to check it out this week.

I was pleasantly surprised. It’s not going in any Greatest of All Time list for me, but I found JL vs SS to to be a really fun time. The writer did a great job of constantly raising the stakes and all the characters were well written. I had a blast just seeing the spectacle and watching characters who rarely rub shoulders bounce off each other.

I found it a bit weird that this series set up Justice League of America, and yet it’s not written by the author of Justice League of America. I’d much rather have seen Joshua Williamson continue this story than Steve Orlando who doesn’t do much for me.

Anybody else have any thoughts? There’s not anything particularly deep about it, but it’s a heck of a ride.

Got it on a Black Friday deal on ComiXology. It was enjoyable while I was reading it, but I’ll never read it again or anything. Steve Orlando is fine but his JLA book was… not the best. Overall, I don’t hold any real feelings for it, but if somebody’s on the fence about reading it, do. It’s fun.

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Read it as it came out. I enjoyed it and the tie-ins quite a bit.

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This one really grabbed me just from a pure fun angle. I devoured the entire run in a couple of days which is pretty quick for me.


I’ve never been particularly partial to Suicide Squad either, but I haven’t read a lot of their stories, but I found this one entertaining. Which JLA issues do you mean?


What tie-in issues. I may have missed some stuff.

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I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a little lighter for JL as u said but that’s Suicide Squad for ya. Always enjoy the humor in task force X comics.

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@BatWatch Justice League #'s 12 and 13, the backup story in Suicide Squad #8 and Suicide Squad #'s 9 and 10 are the tie-ins to Justice League vs. Suicide Squad.

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I liked it a lot but it I went in thinking id hate it

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